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A Karmic Smack In The Face For Philly Sports Fans

It’s the start of September; the Eagles just had the best off-season in the NFL. The Phillies have the best record in baseball and the best pitching staff of all time. Fast forward.

Now it’s October 9th; the Phillies just lost in the first round and the Eagles have lost four games in a row, and look like one of the worst teams in the NFL The Phillies season is for sure over, and the Eagles season sure seems like it.

What the hell happened here? Maybe it’s karma.

I do know how it happened on the field. I saw it with my own eyes. I saw the Phillies bats go silent (as we’ve seen them do before), and I am seeing each and every Eagles mistake and misplay.

It’s not that I don’t know what’s happening, it’s that I didn’t see it coming. It’s all happening at once, and it’s at when we least expected it.

The Phillies gave us a bit of a ride. The best part of this Eagles ride was during training camp. Both are ending with the same crash.

This is karma. We deserve this. We needed it.

Just when it seemed like it might turn around, Juqua Parker jumped offsides. It had been a long weekend, and Philly sports Twitter reacted as such:

A large dose of reality. Just two short days after Chris Carpenter gave us our first spoonful.

Maybe this is a good thing. This is going to remind us of how it used to be around here. You know, when we were losers. We would give anything for one ace, let alone not be happy until we had a fourth.

As Phillies fans, we definitely got a little arrogant this year. There were times that I thought we sounded a bit like *shudder* Red Sox fans. I know you’ve seen it. The minute we signed Cliff Lee, we were planning the parade.

As Eagles fans, we all love pointing to Vince Young’s now stupid looking “Dream Team” comment as bad luck, but if we’re being honest, he just said what we were all thinking. He may have been saying “Dream Team,” but a bunch of us were saying “Super Bowl.”

We’re a city of fans who used to know losing as well as anyone (except maybe Cleveland). I think maybe we forgot for a little while.

Winning is the most fun when you know what losing feels like. Take it in Philly.

  • Mwglancey

    It is more than bad karma, it is a curse. What happened when a building was built higher than William Penn? Philly teams lost, that’s what.What happened when CBS pulled a perfectly good Rock and Roll radio station off the air and replaced it with a bunch of whiny sports talk guys? We started losing again,that’s what. When the Eagles were on WYSP they won a decent amount of games. I’m sure players on the Phillies listened to WYSP on their way to the games to get fired up.Now we are a losing city again.CBS totally messed with this city’s sports mojo.I expect no championships for many many years.


      That is the dumbest fucking thing that I have ever heard. Yeah dude, WYSP got Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard pumped for the games.

      • Mwglancey

        Dumb? Yes. True? Time will tell. So far I would be correct.

        As for the saying “dumbest f**king thing”, Are you referring to a object used for sex or a sex act? Anytime I hear the word “f**cking”, I think of it as a sex term. I think you could have made your point without adding a reference to sex to your text.I know people who have limited mental capabilities feel that adding the word “f**cking” to their text or speech makes it sound more dramatic. It does not. It just makes them sound trashy and unintelligent.

        One last thing, do you realize that you called my post dumb then basically backed me up all at the same time?


          Weak attempt at chumping me. Also, too many words. You should have made it simple and witty, not long winded and repetitive.

          And actually… I was referring to AN object used for sex. You were saying something about being “unintelligent”?

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