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So What’s This Place About, Anyway?

Every time someone asks me what this website is going to be, and I explain it, they say “oh, well it’s your own Grantland.”

It crushes me every time. Bill Simmons did not event writing about sports and music. I guess he did make it more popular though.

I mean really, my dad and John DeBella combined sports and music years ago on the radio. That worked out really well right?

No? Anyway.

My passions in life have always been sports and music, and here I am at 35 years old, with a career (notice I said career, not job, I don’t have a job) that surrounds me with both.

The work I’ve done has always needed the stamp of someone else’s approval though. Whether it be the radio station I was working for, or the blog I was contributing to.

For once, I will have a place that needs no one else’s approval. A place where I can discuss sports and share great local music, and the stamp of approval is mine.

I’ve found some people to help me along, and contribute to the site as well.

Fantasource (@fantasource) will be writing The Degenerate, a weekly piece about sports gambling. He’ll give you his picks. For fun only, of course. Unless you’re doing it legally.

Chris Johnson (@chrisjohnsonjr), my longtime podcast co-host, will be contributing a weekly sports Top Ten List, all his opinion, and sure to forget things that happened before 1993.

Ryan Petzar (@petzrawr) is on loan from The Fightins, and has decided to become an Eagles fan. He’s been a Ravens fan, and has stuck by that since moving to Philly. He’s changing his colors to green, and will be writing about the process of going from an outsider to an insider (good luck, dude).

Matt Mac (@_mattmac) makes really odd Photoshop masterpieces that I find hilarious.

Chris DiFrancesco (@CDiFrancesco86) will be writing about the Flyers, mostly because I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to the NHL.

Jason (@twothumbswayup) is my brother, and the webmaster. He doesn’t know a thing about sports though. We’re considering an entire section devoted to his cat, Murray.

Then there’s me. I’ll be writing about sports, and I’ll be keeping the spirit of Loud and Local alive by sharing some great local music with you. There will be a podcast too, and that’ll start next week.

This is a place for sports and music, its home is in Philly, and is being viewed through the glasses of opinion and creativity.

I hope you enjoy. At least until I get a job again and never update it.

  • Mary

    Rock on Spike… Seems to be something in the air for reinvention, regeneration and dream realization right now. When I lost my job a couple mos ago I decided the same thing… That for now (and hopefully hereafter) it’s time to empower my inner Frankie… From now on, I’m gonna do it “my way”… In all aspects of life… No ones approval needed! Im doing it for me and to set an example for my kids for their futures… Its awesome you have such a great network of support too. I really hope this will become all you hope it will! Have fun and know we are all still “listening”!!! Miss the live stuff but staying “tuned”, lol.

    • Anonymous

      There will be live stuff again!

  • Ethan

    spike. good luck on the website dude..u gotta bring gordon in on it to man

    • Anonymous

      Thanks dude! Gordon knows he has an open invitation.

  • Brian Murray

    Enjoying the site so far man. Ever need some animations or extra design work you know where to hit me up, wordpress sites are great because you can do so much with them while still being able to make it easy to post content. on a side note never used to listen them and wont anymore because MMR’s guys make me want to rip my damn hair out… miss WYSP like no other! (!/b2284)

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