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Welcome to The Degenerate, your spot for gambling information here (for amusement purposes only of course) at SpikeEskin.com. I’m Fantasource, I’ll be your tour guide.

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Well, Week 3 is finally here. I know what you’re thinking… “Hey, what the hell happened to Weeks 1 and 2?” Well, Spike is lazy and he didn’t bother to launch the site until this week, so here we are.

Here’s what you can expect from me this football season:

  • Thursdays – a look ahead at the weekend NFL slate, maybe preview a few big college games. When there are Thursday NFL games, I’ll put that pick here.
  • Fridays – I’ll put up some picks for the weekend. I’ll use whatever the current line is at the time of my write up. I normally use the lines on Scoresandodds.com (if you care).
  • Mondays – The Monday Night Football pick. a.k.a “The Bail Out Special.”

I’ll also periodically put up some baseball picks, some futures picks, basically anything that I think we can make some money with. But the main focus during the Fall will be football.

You can also follow me on Twitter (@Fantasource) and get more frequent updates. I’ll tweet picks and talk about the games as they are happening. But you’ll also get a fair dose of other crap, like me harassing John Bolaris for retweets.


If you had been following me on Twitter last week you would have seen all my picks. Here’s what I put out for Week 2…

  • Thursday night: Nailed LSU(-3’) over Mississippi State.
  • Friday night: Nailed Boise Stateover Toledo (got lucky with a late TD for the backdoor cover, but who’s counting?).
  • Saturday: Lost on Michigan State and Penn State in the daytime, but hit with Philliesover Cardinals at night.


  • Sunday: Split the early games with Saints (win) and Colts ML (loser). Hit a teaser with the Patriots/Chargers and Eagles/Falcons games OVER. It was my NATIONAL TV GAME TOTALS TEASER OF THE YEAR! (actually, it wasn’t).


  • Monday: PUSH on the Giants / Rams UNDER44.

Week 2 record: 5-3-1. Good enough for a small profit. Let’s hope the trend continues throughout the season.

Hopefully we will all learn something this season, and maybe make some money while we do it.

Coming up in my next post, I’ll look at some games in the NFL that look interesting, talk about some line moves and I’ll turn you onto some folks on Twitter who are putting out good gambling info.

Hop on and enjoy the ride.


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