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Take Off Your Cap, Put Down Your iPhone, Respect The National Anthem

I am no super patriot, that’s for sure. Though I do love living in the United States.

I am no traditionalist, that’s also for sure. Though I do kind of miss stirrup socks in baseball.

I’m all for not being stuck in the past. Even though I’m not one to push faux patriotism on anyone, I think we’ve lost some respect for the National Anthem at Phillies games.

During the anthem at last night’s game against the Nationals, I took a look around. Plenty of caps still on heads (I’m looking at you ladies). Several people glancing down at their phones and checking Facebook. I looked back at the concession area for a moment, people lined up and buying hot dogs while talking to their friends. Even more hats, still on their heads (now I’m looking at you, fellas).

In this age where we’ve all grown a little more ADD than we used to be. In a world where we’re a little less into tradition than we’ve been. I don’t think taking your hat off and standing still for 80 seconds at the start of the baseball game is too much to ask.

Your status update can probably wait. The crab fries will still be there when you’re finished. And I promise, we won’t judge you if you’re hair doesn’t look great under the hat.

In a stadium where we all took such great pride in coming together to chant “U-S-A” at a critical moment in this nation’s history. In a sport that’s long been known as the American Pastime. It seems so out of place that we’ve lost respect for the one moment during the game when we should have it.

If it’s going to be like this, I might even vote to stop singing it all together. If you’re not going to do it right, don’t do it at all.

This isn’t the teacher criticizing the student for giggling during the pledge of allegiance, and I’m not trying to talk down to anyone.

I was just truly bummed, and I wish we’d all take a stand and fix it.

  • John

    well as far as the ladies are concerned, traditionally women do not have to remove their hats, but men do… but I agree, you should stop whereyou are for the national anthem. It is more in respect to those who serve our country than just a song.

    Then again, how can a song that dosen’t even mention America by name be our national anthem??? I dont get it….

    • Anonymous

      As for the women, I’ve noticed in recent years they don’t just ask men to take off their hats, they ask everyone.

      I think the original tradition didn’t involve many women wearing baseball caps!

  • guest

    amen brother

  • Klimville

    Sorry, women DO NOT have to remove their hats during the National Anthem…only men, according to the US Code 36 USC 301 that Congress addressed in 2007. Every one SHOULD (out of respect) stand straight and rigid, face the flag (salute) at the first note thru to the last note, and place their right hand over their heart (the salute if not in uniform) and those in uniform (hat on) render a hand salute….
    However, it is generally accepted etiquette, but not addressed by Congress, to not smoke, eat, chew gum, drink, or use your cell phone, read or otherwise occupy themselves while the Anthem is playing!
    Now, it is NOT required to stand during the playing/singing of God Bless America, but if you can (not handicapped in some way), that shows respect, too.

    • bendy7

      Any woman who thinks she is too good to remove her hat or stand during the national anthem is un-American… It’s common knowledge that you do these things out of respect, whether or not congress specifically cites that you must. Got it lady?

  • Jamie Stem

    I don’t think anyone really has respect for the tradition, I personally have no respect for our nation, our leaders, our wars, or our song traditions. So I keep my hat on, I don’t stand, I don’t care, this country doesn’t represent me and I don’t represent it. My parents just banged here. America is not something to honor or respect. It always just reminds me of how dumb everyone is for continuing to support a country that doesn’t give a shit about it’s people or their well being. It only cares about greed and power. Fuck America and fuck the national anthem.

    • Anonymous

      A few things:

      1. I have respect for the tradition, so you’re wrong there.
      2. The country is more than our leaders and our wars. Our country is us, and every person in it. Our country is you, Jamie.
      3. Calling people dumb for having a view different than yours is a pretty last resort way to discuss anything.
      4. I think it’s funny that it’s “fuck america and the national anthem,” but I’m guessing you probably enjoy many of the freedoms that come with it.
      5. As a performer yourself, purposefully not paying attention and disrespecting someone performing is pretty weak.
      6. There are many ways to deal with things you think are unjust. Complaining about them on Facebook and message board comments is one. Not particularly effective though.

  • Chris DelVecchio

    Maybe you should just move to China or Iran, Jamie, and I bet after 2 days you will be begging to come back here and understand how great you have it here. But than again, as a FREE AMERICAN, you are entitled to do and say what you want despite how idiotic and unappreciative it is.

  • Fantasource

    It’s called common courtesy. Is it too much to ask to stand up, take off your hat and shut up for 5 minutes before a game starts. If not for the flag, then do it for the people who are down on the field singing, they deserve your attention for a minute.

  • FanSince09

    What sad times we live in when people can no longer honor are troops and are nation :(

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