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Spike’s Annoying Fantasy Football League Week #1 Wrap-Up

I have to be honest, with Aaron Rodgers on my team, after Thursday I was pretty confident that I’d crush the Planet Rock Giants.

Then, with Matt Ryan at QB for the PRG’s, who had a less than stellar week, I figured I was headed toward an easy victory.

Then the Ravens Defense and Wes Welker happened, and not only did I not win, but I ran into the highest scoring team in the league. Stupid fantasy football. With that, here are the highlights.

Highest Score 

The Planet Rock Giants – 111

With a ridiculous 28 points from Wes Welker (with the 99 yard TD just to rub it in my face), and an annoying 21 points out of the Ravens defense, PRG was this week’s points leader.

Closest Game

Team Sexual Innuendo defeats The Rusty Trombomes 73-72

If I remember correctly, TRT started off with a pretty huge lead in this one. The names of the teams alone are a signal of the general level of immaturity of the SAFL. The difference in this one was getting 15 out of Colt McCoy for TSI, while TRT only got 5 out of Sam Bradford.

Lowest Score

Fly Eagles Fly and The Vagina Monologues with 51 points each

Hard to believe that the threesome of Joseph Addai, Jason Campbell and James Jones (from the Heat?!) didn’t lead FLF to a bigger total. And TVM, if you’re hoping to get 18 out of Cedric Benson every week, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Biggest Rout

Team Edge defeats The Yappapi Strapmasters and Fear Boners defeat The Vagina Monologues by 38 points each

I feel dumber just typing out these team names, I hope this gets easier as the season goes on. I’d like to thank both of these matchups for keeping me out of this one by one total point.

Biggest Asshole Team Name

The Fat Spikes

Not funny bro (kind of funny).

For the full standings go HERE. 



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