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Mike Kafka Is Set To Become A Philadelphia Hero

Mike Kafka might be making his first NFL start on Sunday for the Eagles against the Giants. If he plays his cards right, Kafka could become a legend.

That is, if he’s got his exit strategy figured out.

An old boss of mine regularly told me about the funniest guy anyone’s ever met. It’s probably not a comedian, or a movie star. Probably not anyone who is really all that funny. It’s this one guy at a party. You’re at this party, and this guy comes up to you, tells this one hilarious joke, and then disappears into the night. All you ever know about him is that one joke. He’s hilarious. You can only assume he is.

Mike Kafka has a chance to be the greatest QB that this town has ever seen. As long as we don’t see too much of him.

He’ll join the ranks of AJ Feeley, the Detmers (Koy and Ty), and Jeff Garcia as guys that at one time in this town were believed by many to be the answer. Even Kevin Kolb got to be in that club, that is until we saw him play a quarter as our starter. Then we couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

Becoming the starting QB in Philly is to wear theĀ scarletĀ letter. Well I guess it’s not scarlet if it’s on the Eagles jersey. Maybe it’s a green letter.

Michael Vick owned this town last year, but be certain, he could end up on ground as shaky as the place #5 stood. Mike Kafka can see to it.

Paired with this impressive performance against the Falcons, a full game of good play from Kafka on Sunday, and a quick return from Vick could mean both trouble for Vick and immense popularity for Kafka. A few hundred yards, a couple of touchdowns and a win against the Giants is all it’ll take.

Just imagine the following weeks. Vick holds the ball a little too long and throws it into double coverage. Maybe he fumbles while going on one of his signature scrambles and holding the ball “like a loaf of bread.” You know the whispers will be there. You know the calls to sports radio will be many.

You see, the most popular QB’s in Philly aren’t the ones who throw the most touchdown passes. They’re usually the ones we’ve seen the least.

Kafka has a chance to be that guy. The funniest guy you ever met. That guy who told the great joke at that party.

  • Tim Homan

    Don’t forget Bobby Hoying! They should have gotten rid of that bum McNabb and stuck with Bobby!

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Bobby Hoying is totally part of that club.

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