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Loud and Local Video: The Bailey Hounds Cover Pantera’s “The Great Southern Trendkill”

The Bailey Hounds

Let’s get one thing straight, right here, right now. The Bailey Hounds are awesome.

Their first album, “Along The Gallows” will be released on October 30th. It’s devil-inspired folk music that you’ll love. Check them outline here (and download a great Dylan cover while you’re there).

They came in to play the final Loud and Local at YSP and told me they wanted to do two songs, one new song and a cover.

I expected the cover to be the Dylan cover they released. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect them to do Pantera. They did, and it was amazing.

  • Clark

    you should check out DavePatten dot com for the next Philly artist that is going to break nationally. A Temple grad

    • Iam

      You must be really proud of your son.

  • Lord Chesterfield

    amazing! So glad I found this on here.

  • M Aromin

    one of the first signs of getting old is when you hear one of the favorite bands of your youth turned into elevator music

    • Anonymous

      The first sign of getting old and stupid is when you think anything that isn’t screaming is elevator music.

  • Nomail

    I think these guys are awesome…..his voice has a nice folk sound to it and they all work well together. Be nice to hear some other Pantera remixes from The Bailey Hounds.

  • Joey_phillips645

    It’s cool to see different take on dimes maddness

    • Ardron69

      cant really say its a take on dimes madness because the music is completely different to the riffs played by pantera… he is just using all the lyrics… so hes just pussied up phills lyrics… this is just dumb

      • sikboy

        i agree. the cover itself is ok at best- but the fact that these guyz butchered the overall ‘edge’ heard in the original makes me wanna puke all over this ‘singers’ hipster beard n make ’em choke… (might actually sound tolerable if he did!) lol

  • Zbkiller79

    This is friggin terrible. It sucks that the guitarist’s didnt even come close to dime”s caliber of guitar. I’m so sick of hipsters can we please get rid of them.

    • Anonymous

      Something tells me you’ve never seen a hipster in real life.

      • Pvcpokes

        thank fuckin gawd!

  • Luke

    This just sucks. Disgusting.

  • Funkaloz

    This sucks ass! This panzy singer is Completely and utterly clueless to what the song is about. It should be illegal to take great songs and fk them up in public!!! Ps. Guitarists are amateur and out of tune;)

  • Nomadicpirate

    Get over yourselves, this was a great cover… is rather blue my brains out than heart a cover band covering a song is different that coping a song. Great job, liked that it was bluesy, and I know phil l likes the blues, listen to down jackasses.

  • Robert Romig

    TThat’s great.

  • Angrybird33

    uh, it doesn’t even sound like it. unrecognizable. it isn’t such a good song that it stands up in this fashion. without the power and fuck all attitude, it just sucks. not to mention these guys sound like everyone else in the world. it really shows the weakness of phil’s words too. i gave it a chance and it turns out it blows…hard…er, soft, actually.

  • Fantasource

    I’ve never heard the Pantera original, but this is pretty good.

  • Wsf

    worst thing ive seen in a while

  • Lord Norbermort

    Amazing. this has always been my favorite song by Pantera (and Floods) and i always LOVE to hear great songs reimagined and these guys nailed it. (love the banjo) Fuk all ya’ll underdeveloped earholes, not everything has to be pissed off and screaming-in fact its more of a sign of immaturity and big wanking deal that their not shredding, guitar solos are lame this cover gets a 10 out of 10 from me (and yes i can do that, i’m a scholar)

  • Shape666

    I am one of the biggest Pantera fans of all time. Enough to know that the album that debuted at #1 that they spoke of was Far Beyond Driven, not Trendkill. That being said, I appreciate music and creativity enough to realize that this is an amazing cover. I think it actually enhanced how incredible the lyrics are. I can’t stand metalheads that are too ignorant to recognize good music isn’t always loud and fast.

  • bryon

    Not sure you could really call it a cover song because the music itself bears no resemblance whatsoever to the original song. It’s just the Phil’s lyrics.

    That said, it’s cool. He’s got a good voice.

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