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It’s The End Of The World, Now It Feels Like Eagles Season

Andy Reid made the wrong calls. The linebackers are hopeless. As a matter of fact, most of the defense is hopeless. None of this can be fixed. Yes, it’s Eagles season.

That’s not all, right? Let me make sure I get all of this down.

Juan Castillo is a failure as a Defensive Coordinator. Michael Vick will never stay healthy. Mike Kafka can’t play and Vince Young doesn’t know the offense. Oh, and they should have never let Vick play this week. Nnamdi Asomugha is overrated and was a waste of money.

Let me know if I missed anything.

There are really two kinds of Eagles losses in a season like this one. One like the Atlanta loss, a game we figured they’d lose anyway, we would have loved to have had, but we’ll live with. And this one, where every weakness is a glaring failure that they’ll never be able to fix.

It’s a loss like this that reminds me what Eagles season is like. It reminds me that the end of the world can happen at 3pm on a Sunday. And we’re the only ones that notice.

There are questions they need to answer. There is truth in all of your concerns. But the sky hasn’t fallen. Not yet anyway.

The defenses are ahead of the offenses in the NFL right now. The Eagles defense had more new parts (coaches too) than most. It doesn’t mean Castillo is going to be good, and it doesn’t mean they’ll find an answer for the linebacker and safety problems, but it does mean we have to wait a little while before we can decide.

The concensus on Twitter was that they should have given Vick another week to recover from the concussion. Fun to say, but unless everyone is a doctor that examined Vick, I’m not sure how you can say it. Or how you know one extra week was the miracle cure.

Nnamdi didn’t have a great game. But I’d still rather have him than not.

Andy Reid made a few pretty terrible mistakes, but I still think he can coach.

Casey Matthews is still a work in pro… ok fine, Casey Matthews might stink. You’ve got me on that one.

It feels like the end of the world. I know.

It feels like they can’t fix all of those flaws, I know.

Those things may be true, but the fact is that we don’t really know it yet.

I can’t guarantee you that everything will be alright. But I can promise you that you can’t be sure that it won’t.



  • Mark Magowan

    It’s stuff like this that I’d like to read after a loss.

    Because you can’t hear common sense like this on sports radio (that’s not what gets ratings). You can’t just say “the world isn’t over” on FB or twitter without coming off as truly uninterested or sarcastic.

    This what I needed to read. Good job.

    • Anonymous

      When I post it on Facebook on Monday, I’ll get far more comments about what an idiot I am. Thanks dude.

  • Ksedominates

    you’re being optimistic and this article still has a defeated tone. Ughhh

    • Anonymous

      In Eagles world, realistic is seen as optimistic.

  • Jamie Stem

    Excellent, well said.

    • Anonymous

      You’ve calmed down since my last post Jamie.

  • Fantasource

    SHOULD OF KEPT KOLB (h/t @FanSince09)

    • Raynasty2003


    • Anonymous

      Should of kept is best when someone doesn’t get the joke.

  • N3M3S1S 357

    That sounds just about right. All I’ve heard is doom and gloom, plus a few text suicide notes from people so very distraught. It’s just too damn early to tie the concrete blocks to your ankles and jump off bridges. Although I won’t cry if someone removes themselves from the gene pool that way.

    • Anonymous

      HAHA! We’ll weed out the weak.

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