Free Boosie: The Rules Of What Teams Athletes Can Cheer For

I only call this Free Boosie because it was inspired by Mareese Speights (who wants to free Boosie) and Lee Russakoff (who also does).

Keeping It Real With Your Home Town: The Case Of Marreese Speights

So on Thursday, Speights, center and power forward for the Sixers, tweeted this:

He forgot to add #freeboosie

And there was quick, negative reaction from Philadelphia fans, who obviously feel he should be cheering for the Phillies. Not so, I say. Speights is from St. Petersburg, and the Rays are his home town team.

Much like if you or I (assuming you’re a Philadelphia fan) move to a new city, we would be expected to honor our Philly roots and continue cheering for our home team. Though we’re allowed to tease Speights if the Rays lose, we have to honor his decision to cheer for them.

The Small Town Bandwagon Jumper: The Case Of Lebron James

Lebron James is a vocal Cowboys fan. He’s also a Yankees fan. He’s not from Dallas or New York, many consider this a problem. I don’t think this is as easy a case as we’d like it to be.

The suggestion is that James should either be a fan of the Cleveland teams (where he’s from), or Miami teams (where he currently plays).

The thing is, James is not from Cleveland, he’s from Akron. Though it might seem from here like I’m splitting hairs, I don’t think I am. Akron is not Cleveland, much like Allentown is not Philadelphia. Small towns often have a lot of people who go with big, national type teams because they don’t have a hometown team to associate with. Further, they often times feel some kind of animosity toward the local big city, because they feel forgotten or looked down on by the residents of that city.

I have a split ruling on this: I think James can cheer for his bandwagon teams as long as he sticks with them. I also think he deserves extra negative feedback when his teams lose. Also, it’s just another reason for you to dislike him anyway, which you love, right? It’d be no fun if he was a Browns fan.

The “I Just Like The Way The Gear Looks” Guy: The Case Of Desean Jackson’s Nationals Hat

Not much discussion on this one; it’s totally illegal. Wearing a sports team’s hat just because it looks good is a chick move.

The “New Town, New Team” Guy: The Case Of Michael Vick’s Phillies Hat

Normally, for regular people, this is a complete no-no. I think it’s different for professional athletes though.

Switching team loyalties just because you move, although kind of a punk move, will only win over the hearts of the local fans. We’ll completely ignore that you’re not a real fan.

The judgement on this is a “turn the other way” kind of legal.

The “Eagles, Please Sign Me” Guy: The Case Of Plaxico Burress and His Phillies Hat

It gave us something to talk about for the day, and probably annoyed New Yorkers. Ruling: legal.

What’d I miss?

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