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Could Philly Turn On The Phillies?

I was in the car on Monday, listening to WIP callers lose their minds over the Eagles loss to the Giants, and I got to thinking about the Phillies.

While watching Atlanta Braves fans barely show up for the most important series of their team’s season, and just barely care as it slipped away, I got to thinking about them again.

I know, this is just about the worst time to write this, but I can’t get it out of my head. How will Philadelphia react if the Phillies don’t bring home another World Series title in the next couple of years?

It’s possible that the town that said they’d take a decade of last-place finishes in exchange for a title has gotten a little bit greedy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Though Braves fans do have one World Series title in the last 20 years, their story reminds me a lot of the Eagles. Year after year, competitive. More than competitive, favorites to win it all, and falling just short. It can wear on you.

Could it happen to the Phillies?

At one time, when the Phillies were bad, it was met with fan apathy. People just didn’t show up. You remember those games at the Vet. The empty seats were many. The fans just didn’t care. You know how you’ve felt about the Sixers the last several years? It was like that.

But expectations change things. Winning that World Series in ’08, trading for Roy Halladay, Hunter Pence and Roy Oswalt, signing Cliff Lee, it ups the ante. Thinking to yourself, “man 2008 was fun,” won’t last forever. I don’t think fan apathy is in the cards for the Phillies any time soon.

And then there’s the case of Ruben Amaro. He’s done an amazing job of aquiring talent, and putting together a team who has had the best record in baseball for two years and won five straight division titles. He does have a tendency to be kind of smug though.

You know all of those things that Andy Reid and Joe Banner do that drive you nuts? Telling you one thing when you know they mean another. Not being forthcoming about the team’s intentions. That condescending “I know better than you” tone. Amaro does all of those things. They’re all awesome and fun to joke about when the team’s winning. But if they don’t? As they say, it’s a thin line between love and hate.

Winning the World Series this year or next (or both), makes all of this moot. Then the discussion is “where amongst baseball dynasties to we put these Philles?”

But if they don’t, I don’t know. I could conceive of anger and sports talk phone lines filled with vitriol (you may know it as passion).

So what do you think? Could Philly turn on the Phillies?


  • Nate

    I could see the fanbase turning on them. It’s funny you wrote this article because it brings up a long standing thought that has run through my head with being a life long phillies fan. I hate to be one of those guys that say “i’ve been a fan before etc”…but its true. I was fortunate to have a brother that was a major phillies fan when I was a kid. I had partial season tickets from 88 through 92…Ironically enough my brother got married and in 93 couldnt spend the time to go to many phils games so we didnt have the sunday plan for 93’…we were autograph hounds, spending easily 50 games a season at the vet. I was a teenager so it was the best thing ever, in my eyes. I have an autograph collection I now treasure just for the memories. (its also my proof of loyalty to the phillies) I started to think back in 03′ I would rather the team suck because I hate all of these fans that are showing up now when this place (the vet) couldn’t draw anyone. I still carry that same thought, even stronger now. I feel twisted because I love the success but I have a boiling hatred for that same success and the fake fanbase it brings with it. I almost feel anger because here I put all that time in being a fan when nobody else cared and now I am just another anonymous fan. It’s not that I want a feeling of entitlement but I feel like I deserve something a little bit more than the average joe that shows up to the game and claims to be a lifelong phillies fan. I know 90% of these people are flat out liars and are the same people that didn’t give a damn years ago. I feel stupid for my thoughts too because I feel petty but it’s a thought process I can’t get rid of. I feel very passionate about it and I can agree with your thought process asking if the fanbase will turn on them….Im going on the record right now and saying that they can and they will turn on them. The bottom has to drop out eventually. We cant be the yankees and continue to throw out winning team after winning team for decades. we will revert back to the dark ages in baseball here in philly and you know what, I am ok with that because I have enjoyed this run, and I’ll be glad when nobody cares again. I’ll have my phillies back. Peace

    • Anonymous

      I hear you Nate. That’s kind of how I feel about the Sixers right now. I like that I feel like they’re mine.

  • Cass

    once thing the birds haven’t done is win a championship in 50 years… at least the phillies won one in the past 5… that’s always something to fall back on.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I just think people may stop falling back on it.

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