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Rock Music Is Not Dead, But It Did Kill Rock Radio

With last week’s announcement that 94WYSP would be no more, I heard the rumblings again.

More proof that rock is dead!

Nah, not true.

Rock isn’t dead. Rock radio is dead. Rock radio is dead because rock n’ roll killed it. Like a coup of an evil dictator, rock n’ roll has stepped in and made corporate rock radio step down from their post as representative of its music.

The music I hear and the people who listen to it assure me that there is good rock music being made and consumed every single day. The local music show I hosted for two years on ‘YSP and the bands who sent me their music, they’re pretty sure that rock is alive. If you listen closely, and to the lower numbers on the radio dial, you can hear radio run by people who say rock is still alive.

I’d even venture to say there’s more rock music being made and listened to now than in any point in my life. It just doesn’t want big companies telling it what to do anymore.

Rock was never about rules, never about genres and classifications, and certainly never about shutting up and being told what to do. So when big companies decided to homogenize playlists, keep the DJ’s quiet, and concentrate on the old guys, rock and roll decided to grow wider, bigger and younger.

I don’t blame big radio companies for doing what they did. They’ve got to make money, and as the Internet grew, it became harder and harder to make money with rock music. Rock fans didn’t all like the same thing anymore, there was no consensus.

First, rock n’ roll told MTV to get lost, go make silly reality shows. It took a little longer with radio, but it finally got there.

It’s harder to make money with rock music overall these days, but maybe that’s all part of rock n’ roll’s plan. It was never supposed to be about the money anyway.

Rock n’ roll didn’t want to be told how to look or sound anymore. It tried to tell us that it once looked like the Beatles and Elvis, and then it looked like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, then it looked like Ratt and Poison, and then side stepped and looked like Duran Duran. It looked like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

It changed so much to assure us that rock n’ roll wasn’t supposed to look like anything. We wouldn’t listen, so it changed so much and looks like so many things that we can’t even figure out what it looks like.

Rock is not dead. Rock is alive and well and stronger than ever. And rock is just not going to take our shit any longer.

Long live rock.

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    I am on a mission to kill rock music and heavy metal stone dead

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