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Bring Me The NBA Blacktop Classic

We’ve learned that the NHL Winter Classic will be in Philadelphia next year at Citizen’s Bank Park.

The game has become immensely popular each year, and is sure to be no different in Philly. The simple change of playing an indoor game outdoors is enough to bring more excitement to a regular season game.

NBA, take notice. It’s your turn. Next Spring, I want an NBA Blacktop Spring Classic.

The advantage that the NBA has over most sports is that almost everyone has shot a basketball. Basketball is the sport that you don’t need anyone else, or anything else, to play. You can just get a ball, and walk to a park, or your driveway, and shoot.

The NBA Blacktop Spring Classic would remind everyone that the NBA is playing the game we played growing up. In an era where multi-million dollar contracts have separated the players from the fans, this would bring them closer.

The league is most likely going to have a work stoppage this summer as they bargain with the players for a new collective bargaining agreement. The time for the outdoor game would be no better than next year, after that.

Now I’m not crazy. I know that there’s no way this game is going to happen on real blacktop, as amazing as that may be. Injury risk would be too high, especially with the falls NBA players take on charges and the like. I’ll take a hardwood floor that just looks like blacktop. Problem solved.

Don’t just stop with the court, make the whole thing look like a playground. Fences around the court, benches instead of cushioned seats, all of it. Right in the middle of a stadium.

The Phoenix Suns have played a few pre-season games outdoors, now it’s time to take it to the next level.

You know the hype of a Sunday afternoon Lakers vs. Heat game on Christmas? Imagine the hype and excitement over the same game, but outside and in March. Of course I’d want the Sixers in the game, but we’ll deal with that in year three of the game.

Maybe it’ll be a little chilly that night, but that’s alright. Imagine the pictures of the dunk under the lights, and then the scream of the player with steam coming coming off them, like you remember it coming off of Marvin Hagler. The poster would hang in every kid’s room.

I’ll buy the chain nets.

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